Jul 23, 2010

Have you ever wondered !

Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had taken a different decision at a certain point in your life?

Everyone has that one moment where they always go back to wondering how much would life be different if not for that decision.I dont regret my present life unless Im feeling under the weather or depressed.But I do always wonder how much different it all would have been otherwise!

One of the moments I always go back too is the year I completed my 12th.I wanted to give my entry level exams for MBBS but then just a few days before my final exams,my parents gave us the good news that they wanted to bring us to kuwait for a 3 month holiday.Since we were meeting our folks together for the first time in 5 years,I decided to forget the entry exams and came to Kuwait to enjoy my vacations.
I never regretted that decision until a few years into my marriage.That too when we had a financial crisis to overcome.I always thought I could have been of more help to my husband if I had become a doctor.Anyways,once the crisi was over with,so did my regret.

Then there are times when I have fought with my husband that I start wondering what would life be like ,if I married where my folks wanted me to !
i keep thinking would I have had the peace of mind and content Im blessed with now , would I be happy? Would I have learnt my weaknesses and strengthened myself inwards and out?Would I have been more cooler or that woman who simply does things because she has to?Would I be the person who is content with what there is or that person who thinks that nothing is just about enough?

Like they say when Life gives you lemons,squeeze them over salad leaves and eat.You'll feel healthy.Be happy with what we have,coz it was all meant to be .

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  1. In d first 2 years of my marriage, kept wondering if leaving Binu & marrying Sathya was a big mistake. Life was hell then u know.

    Dat phase is over. Thank God. Today I cudn’t be happier. He has tried very hard to right all d wrongs. Now even if we fight I don’t regret d decision i took 5 years bak. I know, THIS was meant to be.


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