Jul 24, 2010

Wrongful Doing!

I live in a country where people are racists to quite some extent.Anyone wearing a salwar kameez is thought of as a "hindi" and is automatically thought of as the MAID CLASS.Since most of them employ maids from 3rd world countries naturally,anyone coming from there is considered one.It sounds obnoxious but it is true.So many of the indians or Srilankans prefer western outfits,just to avoid an offensive stare.

I feel offended.Evene though we are more educated than most of them put together,even though we live in a realistic world than most of them,even though we work hard and do all their jobs under them,why is that we are mistreated this way.I hate this cast out feeling.

If you wear western outfits and speak good english or have an accent even partially resembling a westerner,you should see the way,they change around you.They will immediately be polite,be courteous to some extent and not be all over your face.

When Im in jeans or an abaya or dress,Im usually mistaken for an arab.Being a bit light skinned over the years has actaully helped me a lot.One might find this quite ridiculous,but just like in India or any asian country,being fair is just about everything.People spend ridiculous amounts of money in buying expensive fairness creams or anti-aging creams.

We so live in a superficial world.I basically believe that one should live the way they want to and not as how society dictates or anyone close to you.But then there are times when you have no choice but to succumb and fall weak and follow around lifestyles like a zombie.

What motivated me to write this blog today,actually nothing happened to me.

My feelings have been hurt many a times but I think I just had to get it out of my system.

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  1. Guess d fake accent thing works like magic everywhere


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