Jul 7, 2010

Precious !

It totally disturbed me yesterday night,I couldnt sleep for hours after that.The movie was adapted from a novel but if it resembles the slightest even to someone's life,I can only imagine what a rollercoaster their life must have been.
I know of parents who beat their kids for wrong doing,but when does it become worng to hit a person.Usually when a person has grown up,parents refrain from hitting their kids but then they start abusing them emotionally.They will say painful,downright harsh words and the logic being,you warn them well and they wont do it.They dont know how traumatizing it can be to a teen or an adolescent and sometimes even as adults.
I remember one such sentence my dad told me once just because I behaved rudely.I wasnt being able to adjust to having parents hanging over head all of a sudden after 9 long years and my parents were having a hard time realising that i was not that 12 yr old ,they had left in India.One thing let to another and my dad was pissed and called me "A Zero" .Neither I understood their frustation of handling an adult coz they didnt know how to ,nor they understood why I was having a hard time taking each and every order like a 4 yr old.Anyways,that word shook the very foundation of my life and to me it was just unforgivable.And I proceeded to be even more a tough nut to crack and vice versa.
Some people lose it under frustations,some at small ones,some at big,some immediately and some after ages of bottling up.In the movie,the mother is one such character.She comes from a poor ,uneducated background and gets married to the person she falls in love with.SHe gives birth to a daughter but when her husband seeks a lover in his own daughter and not his wife,she builds up this sense of false love and frustation which spews out in the form of abuse of all kind and disregard to her own flesh and blood.She becomes this hyper selfish,self absorbent,hateful,lazy and trying to love her ownself but emotionally incapable of doing so.The shocking part is you pity the mother at some point.
Then comes the daughter,Precious.She is fat and it starts from the fact of this fantasy land she escapes too,everytime she is raped or is beaten up or pushed over or bad mouthed to.Its her coping mechanism.She cannot change anything coz she barely 15,pregnant with her father's child again the second time.She cooks,cleans and does everything for her mother.Her mom lives off welfare cheques which I think is given in the US to those who can prove they do not have any income to survive on.Precious has simple wishes - to have a light skinned boyfriend who loves her a lot,have light colored hair and sing.
Anyways,she is kicked off from school because she is pregnant,then she gets accepted into this alternative school where with the help of teacher,she rises up from the rotten ashes and redeems herself,takes her children and her control over her life.
It was just too painful to watch...but the most admirable thing shown in the movie is the positivity Precious had in her life.She looked at the brighte things of life and was strong enough to go through so much crap but still stand tall and hold the reins of her life in her own hand.She didnt become a killer or turn suicidal or go mad or blame the world for everything.She didnt cry and jump into the option of begging and crying in front of others.She didnt dump her children into orphanage or abort her baby.At the end of the movie,I admired her character so much and had so much respect for her.
I think when you know there are tons of people to listen to your plea at every point,you tend to make excuses for everything.but when you have no options at all,you indeed do make with what you've got.

[I might be wrong at things,so anyone reading my blog,feel free to debate and point out stuff.Will give us both a chance to think something differently perhaps.]

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