Jul 5, 2010


Well,yesterday, as usual, was uneventful.I did some grocery shopping and came home to watch RAAVAN.

If it wasnt for all the hype surrounding the movie,I wouldnt have thought this to be a modern day Ramayan sort of thing.The movie was okay,not that good as I had thought it would be.What I liked about the movie was,the simplicity of the outfits and the people of the gaav.It wasnt like the other bollywood movies where the girl from the village wears a gaudy 10,000Rs ghagra choli in every scene and the makeup is flawless and loud.Anyways,Aishwarya looked like any other girl next door.Abhishek Bachan looked like ABhishek Bachan.Its a great movie for a one time watch,the songs are hideous,they must be great in the tamil or telugu version of it but in hindi ,it just sucked.After the movie,I just jumped into bed and got up 10 hrs later.

After breakfast and watching bits of some crappy hindi movie on NDTV Imagine,we looked at each other and started asking what to cook for the day.I ,for one,cannot live a single day without eating rice.Meri tires ka raaz and plus ,in the past 2 days, I have gulped down enough chocolates to send myself into sugar shock.Its true ,when you have too much time to yourself,you seek comfort food.When I teach,trust me,I overwork myself so much,that everything goes about just great.I think my idle brain cells go beserk when they cant burn themselves out.Back when I used to work,I was on my feet for 10 hours and travelled to and fro to work for 3 hours in which one hour went into walking.Then I came home,ate dinner and feel asleep like a log.I had no social life to attend as such coz I had just one day off.And I loved having to live that way.I feel good when Im in the process of being worn out energy wise.Now Of course,my hypertension reacts to the minimum of stress levels.

Im looking forward to watching some great movies in the fututre.One of them being OCEANS,BABIES and PRECIOUS.The first 2 are documentaries and the third one I think is a book adaptation.I have been watching the trailors of TWILIGHT: THE ECLIPSE and THE A TEAM.Looking forward to get a copy of them as well.

COme August and the Holy month of Ramadan begins.Before that I have 1 salwar kameez to get stitched.Its so difficult to find a proper tailor out here.SOme Stitch only when given a sample outfit and very few are cheap and stitch from scratch.The cost of stitching sometimes is double the cost of the outfit material.

When you live abroad,thats when you realize ,how good you had it in your country...at least in a few things.The first and foremost thing is being surrounded by family and relatives.The second being seasonal stuff,clothes and what not.I miss tender coconut juice,I miss admiring banyan trees or any othe tree other than date palms,I miss seing domestic animals...you know how long its been since I saw a cow.Almost 1 year now to date.That too it was a male.I miss bakery biscuits,town fairs,swimming pool,morning walks to the market,I miss travelling in the local bus. HEHEHEHHE...people might think Im crazy,why do you need a bus when you have your own car.In a car,you have only yourself and husband to watch but in a bus,you get to observe so many peple and end up laughing or wondering what the heck.A car is uneventful.I havent been In a local bus for over 9 years.Maybe if I took dhakka shakka 2-3 times,I would never want to go back but I really do miss these dhakka shakkas.

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  1. Raavan was crap. Left the theatre during the interval. Couldn’t sit thru. Dunno know y he even bothered making it, 3 versions at that

    I did like the music though, Esp the ranjha ranjha & behne dey #s.


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