Dec 7, 2011

Dialogues in our life !!

I use this a lot," Teri maa ki ankh".Weird na,But This is one the many filmy dialogues I use in my daily life.Others being " Teri esi ki tesi"," Kya bey" ,"bas Ainvaye"," tang tod dungi" ,"Ankh phod dungi" ,a few Hindi gaalis ,etc etc.

"Mogambo khush hua !"

"Rishtey mein to Hum Tumhare Baap Hote hain, Naam hai SHAHENSHAH"

"Yeh Dhai kilo ka haath Jab kisi pe padta hai na to woh Uthta nahi...Uth jaata hai"

"Don ka intezaar toh baarah mulko ki Police kar rahi hai, magar Don ko pakadna Mushkil hi nahi..Na-Mumkin hai"

"Dosti ki hai..Nibhaani to Padegi"

Be it Hollywood or bollywood movies,some dialogues capture our attention and Some are too awesome to forget.Remember the dialogues from Braveheart or Titanic or Nasseb or Agnipath or Namakhalal or Mr.India or Don. Its the way they are said and how impressed we are with them ,that we decide to use them in our daily mode of life. I think the magic of dialogue writing is something very few people are good at and make a movie stand out apart from the songs and stories.When I watched "Band Bajaa Baraat" this one word made me crack up every time it was mentioned and that is "binn-ness".I found it funny and yet with the certainty he said the word,I loved it and now every time we mention the word,i say binness.Ya the very famous Shatrughan Sinha's" Khamosh".

That's what I love about movies.They bring this magic into our lives and subconsciously we make it a part of our own lives.These movie makers know how to play on the minds of people and are magicians in a sort of way,we love the razzmatazz of it all.

As a kid when I watched "Sharabi",the dialogue where he says," Munchey ho tho nathulal jesi ho warna na ho". Wherever I go,be it Bangladeshi ,Pakistani or anyone,the ones who love bollywood movies, they will never fail to mention this dialogue when a moustache is mentioned.

I see my husband saying this every time he sees Salman khan on TV," Ek baar jo mene commitment li,phir tho me khud ki nahi sunta". That's what movies is all about ,isn't it ! They make an impact,inspire us at times,make us laugh at times.

I don't watch much of Indian series of any kind coz they are interesting in the beginning but they tend to drag it so much after a couple of episodes with strange impossible things beginning to happen.But as I was flipping through the channels one fine day ,back in my grad days,there was some Mahabharata or don't remember exactly what,A very furious absolutely horrendously funny looking guy says," mere yuckk pitaji".Don't know if I heard it right but then onwards when I referred to my dad in some joke I would call him mere yuckk pitaji.

So you see it could be something senseless,or it could be some defining moment in a play/movie,It all depends on our mood or the timing of it all that stuff like this, sticks to our mind and we play it over and over in our conversations whenever we find such a moment in our own lives.

"Kutthe kaminey,me tera khoon pi jaounga " or what my dad said very often when we were kids, " kanpathey che doworr kadin" ( meaning I will smack your face till smoke comes off your cheeks).Dialogues...they make it or break it.


  1. i thought your mother was the one always scolding & yelling at you 3 very naughty kids & father mostly calmly watching
    but your dad's 'kanpathey....' changes my perception :)) & the smoke out of your cheeks made me laugh imagining it

  2. The man's hand was the most scariest thing in the world.It could scatter and sprinkle bones and skin when it came into contact at a speed of life.My mom was the one who watched from the sidelines.The audience to ym dad's Czar kind of ruling when it caem to disciplining us.See the minute I wrote the blog for you,I started writing.Gosh ! Was it the pressure or simply laziness.Actually,my hand was killing me for a while until I got a steroid shot in my shoulder joint.

  3. Wonderful observation on how our lives get affected by the dialogues of movies.

    Nice write-up.

  4. Thank you Neeraj.Agar ye filmey nahi hoti,tho humari life kinni boring hoti nai?


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