Dec 25, 2011


I dont have to write about how stress is induced.Once you have crossed 20 years of age,you have automatically mastered the art of choking yourself with stress.What can Stress do to you? Nah! I dont want to write about that as well.The options are endless -  losing hair,going bald,going broke emotionally,the end results of this disease is endless.I just thought let me introduce you to some ways of getting your stress under control.
By the way,This idea was induced by one of my readers named Irfanuddin ,with his blog " Apniboli".

This seems to be the most effective bumpy one: are 30 minutes from being fired...lolling will help.

Then there are medications...for the serious ones.

Comfort food...come on ,there is basically a science behind it.

One has the healthy option of going into yoga.

It speaks for itself.

Soaking in the bath tub with scented candles or bubblebath.

I've heard quite a lot of people say that knitting does help relieve stress for them.

Many years ago,they showed this hotel in Japan where Diners are provided with unlimited plates,of course for a price,plates ceramic one and a room where you can break the plates and curse aloud while doing so,venting your anger,as this reduces your stress and calms you down eventually.I believe it too.I tried a couple of wine glasses when I was newly married.

Other ways :

Nigella Lawson swears by this method.


  1. plz check it out, pics are just not opening...will come back again to shade out some stress here and fell relax....:D

  2. will hav to learn knitting...just kidding...:)

    on a serious note i really want to learn some stress relieving technique.....and this post may help...thanks for sharing...:))

  3. haha the banging head is the best one - works every time :DD

    the plates breaking ting, i also read somewhere that there is this place where u can smash a car to give event to your anger. they give you tools like hammer, ax whatever you choose

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  6. Im into stuffing my face with comfort food when Im stressed out or a nice bath with light music.Massages and plates are way expensive.I have even noticed that letting myself cry for a good half an hour helps me too.


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