Dec 24, 2011

An End Of 2011

2011 has been a hell of a year for me.It taught me a whole lot of lessons,enough to leave an imprint on my mind,for the better I'm hoping though.
I learnt that even though I was 34,I wasn't invincible.I learnt that health was a fragile thing and the only way to earn plus points with it was to respect it,care for it and live it.

I learnt Stress can do so much harm on you and the only person who can help you out of it is mostly oneself and your loved one.

I learnt that even though I try to be strong,I'm actually mushy.I ain't superman and I too,need to cry things out in order to sort them out.
I learnt that I'm still in love with my husband ,maybe more,and he is one of the most dependable best friends I have in my life.Thank you Darling !

I learnt my family helps me  maintain that balance I need for a sane existence.

I have learnt that people aren't what they always seem to be.There are few who generally love you for who you are but its mostly they hate you for what you are.

I have learnt wisdom is "in living in the moment".You have no idea what tomorrow holds,so when you get the chance,do indulge in the tiny pleasures it gives you.

I have learnt I actually cannot survive without Internet.I feel so lost and depressed at times when I cant be online.

I learnt I totally love my nephew to death.And am surprised at how many times I look at his photos and smile and feel good.

I learnt that it continues to be easy for me to gain pounds and personally I'm a lazy ass when its comes to trying to shake it off.

I have learnt its easy to be taken for granted and better retaliate when you have the chance than become a doormat.

I have learnt I love Tamil songs and movies a lot.Even though I don't get a single word of it.

Thank you 2011.You were a good year.God has been kind and forgiving to me.Thank you so far for everything.


  1. hi....
    Apart from so many other things, stress management is something i wish to learn in the coming days....

    "wish you n ur dear ones a very happy new year"

    Best wishes,

  2. Great lessons. Thanks for sharing those photos of you and your loved ones. I too, learnt a lot this year. Mostly learnt to cherish the good and learn from the bad.


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