Aug 10, 2010

Onset Of ramadan

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the one month of Ramadan.As per Islam,Ramadan is a time when a muslim fasts from dawn to dusk and Then opens fast with the name of Allah.The purpose of fast being to experience the life and turmoil of a poor needy person who cannot afford food or basic luxury of life.The lesson being to understand humility and appreciate what God has given you and still be grateful.Now another benefit of this fast is,you get a chance to cleanse your body from within.I mean with regular fasting,you are sort of detoxifying yourself and giving your body a chance to  normalise those cholesterol,tryglyceride levels.

Also,you get a chance to learn self control and discipline your body.How? During the duration of the fast,one cannot smoke or engage in sex or listen to music.You have to fast in every sense of the world and its not just the body ,its the mind as well.Many people quit smoking or any other such filthy habit which they otherwise they would find hard to give up.As on other days,one has no restrictions whatsoever.

This is a month of repentence,seeking forgiveness,losing some of your bad habits and seeking spirituality.People try and encourage their families to pray regularly,to read the Holy Quran and practice simplicity as much as they can.Even charity is done at its best during this month.You know,some Asians bring thier relatives on visit visa suring this month,so that they can beg outside mosques and being a month of generosity,muslims give alms and money without thinking twice.If someone begs,you just wont feel like turning away.You will definitely feel bad.I have seen  many fake beggars here but during Ramadan I dont argue with them.I give away food,milk and sometimes money if I have the change.

In summary, the month of Ramadhan has been made so that mankind can take benefit of the merits and blessings contained within to change themselves for the better and by doing so create a bond with Allah that will continue throughout the eleven remaining months.

It is a month within which Allah has instructed us to place more emphasis on actions regarding our Deen (religion) as opposed to our daily routine and emphasis on worldly matters.

I love this month.Initially I find it difficult to fast the whole day.You cannot even drink a drop of water when you are fasting.So we are fasting from 4am to 6:30pm in the evening.The fast can be broken if one isnt well or travelling or pregnant or just gave birth.
This month,I will diet properly,I wont over indulge and plus having friends and family over for Iftari (opening of fast) is wonderful.I dont wear makeup,dress up and I try to remain as simple as I can.You cannot be angry,talk back,say bad words or fight during Ramadan.You cannot disrespect anyone.I get up by noon,cook the main course and keep aside.Snacks I make half an hour before Iftari.I also tutor during the time I fast.Its pretty dificult at times coz I feel completely drained and both of us being diabetic,its seems pretty challenging to both me and my husband.

Tomorrow is the first day of ramadan and I have invited guests over for Iftari.So I will be very busy tomorrow.I still have some green grocery shopping to do but the rest is okay.

I feel bad for my hsuabnd becasue with his fasting he has to work in the heat with temperatures soaring at 45 to 50'c plus,I pity him but Allah will bless him and keep him and many people like him safe healthwise.Many people tell me,cant he just keep work aside as it is allowed for muslims to do less work if they cant work with fasting.But as he works for the coastguard,its like putting the water security of the country on hold.I mean,boats and ships have to be fixed coz they work 24/7,365 days.

So what i do is,as soon as he comes back from work,he takes his shower and I put him to bed.He sleeps and wakes up 10 minutes prior to opening fast.Meanwhile,I do the cooking,tutoring and other basic stuff.Once the fast has been opened,which we do with a full course dinner,we can hardly budge from our spot.We sit there for half and hour and then slowly I satrt washing up and drink tons of tea.Im a tea addict and since to have my first cup I have to wait for evening,I get such massive headaches that i could bite anyone's head off.But since I cannot emote this way,I shut up and let my blood pressure rise within.

I will update my blog during ramadan.Right now I have a catch on one buttock and Im not able to move much.Dont ask how I got it? Must be the sleeping position.


  1. This was nice to read. Something new.

    Everybody knows Ramzan is about fasting in the mornings. But for outsiders like me, we think more about the mutton biryani in the evenings. In fact, we think Muslim festival means biryani.

    You’ve blended into your new faith completely. You feel & sound like a Muslim. It’s hard to believe but very touching. Because we know how RC Christians from Mangalore are. If they love someone from another religion, they will convert them & then only marry. Maysie for example. Christians along the coastal belt of Karnataka & kerala are very very strongly involved & don’t like to change their religious thoughts for anybody or anything. Your case is very unusual.

  2. I have not been over religious all my life.I do strongly belive in God but never made or treated anyone differently bcoz of thier religion.I think the line.." we are equal in the eyes of God and God made us all" stuck in my head in 3rd grade.


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