Aug 23, 2010


DO you have friends who are always under the impression,that no matter what you tell them,you are telling them out of jealousy.Hatred is understood so is anger.But why do people have envy at the back of their mind.Some people like to have constant good evaluations done about them and some just think they are the creme de la creme of just about everybody and everything.

Now the creme de la creme group of people.These are people you will find amongst family members and distant friends.We wouldnt make them are friends, right ? No one likes to be looked down upon or sneered at !We wouldnt like to be constantly belittled in their presence.

These are people who are doing well and live "the life".They have their own exclusive club.Appearances mean everything be it the clothes on their body or the things in their house or in what they utter at all public moments.They belive that everyone who isnt in their radar,is inferior or worth having around.What they are going to do,or where they are going to go or what they are wearing ,and so on and so forth,are things everyone will know well beforehand.They are made known as honourable mentions at parties or get togethers.The purpose being to infuse envy,which gives them a feeling of  profound regard.But I think,this means something else is lacking in your life which makes you want some sort of assessment.Which is in the form of people 's reaction.I think other's envy sort of pep's them up.

Now,another group of people you will come across who need praise at all times to get going.

I love praises and accept them from very few.It could be my superiors at work.It could be my husband.It could be from someone I love dearly.But not from anyone else.Im not good at accepting compliments because I feel the other person is saying just for the heck of it or is saying it sarcastically.Im not generous at giving them either coz I think they should be given only when deserved.

No,the people Im talking about are the ones who coerce you into giving a compliment or say something nice.They put you on the spot in front of others.MAybe its like "I shapat,mene tho sunkar hi rehna hai." It could someone who did some shopping and are showing it to you for your opinion.It could be someone who invited you for dinner or any meal and you are expected to comment on their cooking skills or the time and effort gone into pulling it off inspite of their oh so"Im so busy to even find a breath " schedule.What are the rest of us doing? HAving our maids follow us around and clean after us.

I was once invited for dinner to a friend's place for the first time.Im a fan of real spicy food.SHe made bland food but it was good.If you have cooked well,your guests or family will be cleaning the pots out with their tongue.If it isnt,you are bound to find leftovers of large proportions.This should speak for itself.But she kept on asking us over and over again."Wasnt the food good? Didnt it taste great? You know i put this many hours of work into it? "

What is one to reply to this ! I told her it was good but she kept expecting exotic words of praise from me and put me in the spot.

Then i have another friend,who will always ask me " how do i look?" after she has dressed up.Or when she comes visiting.You got ready in front of a mirror right,why ask others.If you look great,you will be told so .

I love when my husband says something nice but he never says so.When I cook something upto his liking,he will plainly say,"Lagta hai dil laga ke banaya hai." Which means the food is awesome babe.When he doesnt comment on how I look,that means its ok.If he comments,its usually to say the outfit isnt tailored right.He told me he likes the color blue on me after 5 long years.He thinks that specifying what he likes would mean he is imposing on me.

Well,my frankness is misconstrued as rudeness.My aloofness as too much pride.My moodiness,well as moodiness.

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