Apr 20, 2010

6 feet Under !

I watch this series everyday at midnight.I find it hilarious and now I know whats it like for a funeral director.They say when you see something too many times,it doesnt jump you anymore.

But the point of writing about it is mainly for the usage of the word "FUCK" in this series.Its like the first alphabet of english.Fuck you this,Fuck that,Fuck you,Fuck me !!!!

This word has become so second nature to one's vocabulary.My husband happened to witness a 5 min of the series and he goes," Kya hai ye? Har bath pe fuck fuck?? Itni third class language ki series dekhti ho....".I told him its comical but he failed to get my point.He didnt want to watch it.

I remember the my first bad word.Guess when and what it was ! I was in the third grade and Sister Rosemary was my class teacher.Some girl did something to me and I yelled you "liar cock!" (Of course,I had learnt it in the class).My mom was asked to come and meet with her.When she told my mom,My mom is like," Do you what it means?" I said ,"Yes,It means she is a cock (bird) which lies."

The second time I shocked my mom was when I was in my second yr of MZC.She had come down on vacation to spend time with us.My brother and I were having our usual arguments,And both of us yelled at each other a Fuck you.My mom was like (in our native tongue)," Sandra,you have no control over your mouth ! What have you taught your siblings? Do you know what it means?" I went on to explain that according to the dictionary it means this and that ,we dont mean it in the literal sense.And shes like Im gonna smack the lights out of you,Better not use this word in my presence again or I will tell daddy.

I used to say it a lot before,my husband slowly got rid of this habit in me by going "AHHHHH...nai!" Now I say it when I have burnt food that I have been cooking for an hour or stomped my foot into the cupboard and am bleeding.

Im an angel with a glowy halo o'er my head.

Well,the series just brought this old old memory from eons ago...so I had to jot it down and share it.The purpose being to discourage the use of this word among kids and ourselves.Once upon a time ,most of us thought it was cool to say so Coz the americans did but it aint.One is not cool by yammering stuff like this...one is cool becoz of his attitude,his brilliant mind and his kind actions.We all are moms now and know better I know....We still have a few years before we land in teenage kingdom again and we will see a modern version of drama queens or kings ! I did my share of handling 2 teens when I was a teenadult already,So have a pretty good idea whats its like!

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  1. I have a habit of copying people(not intentionally), but I do recognize that when it happens.So there have been instances where I would say something and think to myself "where did that come from"??

    Being influenced by everything is part of growing up , can't stop that. But its funny that we all hit a point in our lives, where we realise how silly we were!!!


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