Apr 20, 2010

How I got fair !

Everyone wants to be fair,everyone wants to have white skin.And the moment you hit puberty,you start staring at yourself in the mirror.Are these pimples,are these blemishes,whiteheads and blackheads,too much hair on my arm and legs and what not !

But Im not going to write about weight issues...today its purely on pigmentation.

One day my husband came complaining home thats his pits had this smell.This usually happens when the temperature rises to 50'c and +.A friend suggested him this cream which if he applied on his pits,the smell would gradually wear off.I always read the instruction papers of every product without fail and it read that it could be applied on blemishes too.I thought what the hell and applied it on my face.

The first month,all the blackheads and blemishes cleared.I liked the clear skin look and I continued and then I discovered that by staying inside and avoiding direct sun I got fair with this cream.

So thats my story.hehehhheee.......

Its "Pohli cream".You have to do a patch test coz many of friends tried it and they had allergic reactions.

Having a damn sensitive skin has prevented me from trying facials or any other treatments.Yes,I have never done a facial in my life.But I do care for my skin the desi way.Thats gram flour,rose water,multani mitti,steaming my face every now and then at home and using a good scrub fortnightly.I avoid the sun coz 45'c..50'c..55'c and finally during the peak season 60'c is not the kind of sunlight and heat you want to enjoy.

But now I have found something new.Oil of olay day skin whitening cream.It evens your skin tone,so you dont have spots on your face or dark patches here and then.Am I obsessing over fairness...yes..right now I know I will be spending the next 3 months alone at home on my own as my husband is on emergency duty,I have nothing better to do then draw,cook,and try homemade facepacks to improve the quality of my skin.Im covered with black dots(beauty spots) and moles on my face.They are God given and I like them.

Im gonna embark on a new project soon.Gonna draw something and be all over it for a few days.I just taught science to my student.Habitat ,adaptation,water lettuce,pitcher plant and all.He looks at me with pure wonder when I explain things and the working of it.Its fun to teach someone isnt it ! All you mommies know it by now.When we were done with school stuff ,he went on to explain to me how he and his mom cleaned stomachs of sheep(OJRI).It has to prepped a certain way and then cooked.He's 8 yrs old and being the only child he is very much involved with his mom and dad.I was stunned coz I havent eaten it myself.

The only way I helped my mom out was eat what she made as she laid it down on the plate in the kitchen.The 3 of us had one favourite passtime and that was we licked our plate clean especially when our fav. dish was cooked and handed the plates to our mom.Sometimes she got a kick out of it and sometimes  she would call us naughty piglets.

From pigmentation to piglets...I dont have my thoughts in order at all,do I !

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  1. I don't have a blogger account - at least I thought I didn't till google reminded me that I have created one as Zubie. This is me - the one who is too leery of putting up photos and finally put up one. I am enjoying your entries. Do keep writing.


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