Apr 13, 2010

Onset of Summer !

Usually when summer begins,Its like the whole thing happens all of a sudden.Its not gradual like the other seasons.From 24 -27,it will suddenly plunge into mid 30s in 2 days and later reach 40s.Now its raining,getting windy..in other words,MArch is a month of illness.You are bound to get wheezy,coughs,allergies,cold,chest infections and what not ! The weather cant decide what to be and the body doesnt know where to adjust! Iam feeling much better now.
Had a good long chat with my girlfriend.Girl gossiping,can be fun and evil too.So much to unearth,so much of load to let go.Its so difficult to find a good friend out here.I can say this though,I made the best of friends in college.I have noticed that as adults,you compete for many things.Better stuff then friends,better kids,better homes,better cars,better food,etc.
Not that I dont have good ones,I do,just a very few.:> I dont trust easy ,with people just wanna use you and discard you....when it happens many a times,then shame on me nah...
There my hubby arrieved...I gotta go !

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