Apr 12, 2010

Things do when you're bored ! Thing : 1

Now that my husband will be on emergency duty for 3 months and since Im gonna see very little of him and more of me and the walls,I do things to entertain myself.Sometimes they are stupid and sometimes they are nice.
Just did some eye makeup on one eye and was admiring my effort.Forgot to click a picture,next time I wont.It was just white eye shadow over the entire lid and cornered it with black eye shadow.It looked very neat.For some reason whenever I go out I never do any makeup on.I love kohl and lipstick,thats it.No foundation or pan stick or concealer or what not...
Right now I have applied olive oil all over my face.I've read somewhere that its good for the face.
Got some dishwashing to do.Toodles !

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