Apr 23, 2010

My weekend !

I slept with so much hope and joy that I would wake up to a great weekend.I woke up to such horrid ,dull and dusty weather.Why,why does this always happen to me and many others who have just one day to chillax outside!

After 3 weeks,My hubby finally got a break from his emergency duty for a day.I decided that even though it would be very hot I would go out for an hour and rejuvenate myself amidst mother nature.But with this weather and my allergies that can go all ballistic on me,I have no choice but to cry my heart out in this blog.

Jamie Oliver is making salads on his show.The guy is just an amazing chef.He wont go for ingredients too far fetched and all.Its basic stuff which you have in your kitchen anyways.Today he showed this great salad dressing recipe which can be prepared in advance and kept in a jar for a few days.To 2 parts of extra virgin olive oil- add 1 part lemon juice,shake well and keep it as salad dressing.You can add lightly butter toasted crotons or you can rub raw garlic on stale bread,lightly fry it in butter to make it toasty,cut it into cubes or just break them with your fingers and add to the salad made of lettuce or rockets or a mix of any other salad leaves.
You can also add few pieces of boneless chicken to the salad and make a meal of it.On my next picnic with my dearest,Im gonna make this.The last time I made sandwiches of beef salami,lettuce shoots,cheddar cheese and brown bread.The thing is it tasted great despite being cold.

Its sunny and still dusty...wish I had a portal that I could jump into and be greeted by fairies and luscious greenlands and have fun hopping and talking to flowers and trees and animals.Im trying to recede back from my childhood memories but they are just too good to be ignored.

I had a great childhood.I wasnt telling my mom what I wanted to wear,who I wanted to wear and trying to act like a mini-adult.I was stupid,carefree and in my dreamland as a child and I made sure my siblings took part in every fantasy fun I had.I would tell them lets go to Venus and try to rescue queen venus from the hands of planet Saturn.And they would stand with me by the doorway and we would act like we are asccending into space and doing the triumphant deed.Thats childhood.My parents didnt say dont act like an idiot,dont do this and that.They didnt indulge us but didnt stop us either.After all we are kids only once in our lifetime.

Great  ! The weather still hasnt cleared up.What am I going to do? I wanted to wear my blue salwar kameez,wear blue eye makeup,nude lipstick,get ready and go out and feel the wind beneath everything.;>

But now im going to go and wash up my breakfast dishes,take a shower and then finish my farming on farmville.

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