Apr 26, 2010

Recipe !

I love to cook when Im in a good mood and like many days today is one as well.

Before I continue I must say that writing this blog has been pretty liberating to me.I like the fact that I can jot down things in my mind and therefore,get it out of the way.I used to chat with my sister quite some time before but since shes not allowed to make any personal calls anymore I sort of miss talking about stupid stuff or heavy stuff and this blog helps out.

Back to the recipe,Im going to make chicken majboos.Its an arab dish and actually its bland.But Im gonna indianise it a bit by making it spicy.Making bland is damn easy but making it spicy,knowing the right combination of spices to enhance the flavour of your dish is tough.

The chicken pieces are supposed to be large that is one chicken cut into 4 pcs.Boil the chicken with 2 onions,a few cloves of garlic and lil bit og ginger,salt,turmeric powder,cloves and whole black pepper.After its boiled,strain the stew of it and keep it aside.You're gonna make rice out of this.But ofcourse you fry an onion a bit,when its golden brown,add the rice and the stew part and let it cook.Sort of pulao thing.

The chicken pcs ,you will lightly fry just to give it a golden colour.This you will place on top of the rice,sort of a garnish thing.

Now the most important part is making tomato soup.This is the part of the dish.In a vessel,add 2 cups water,pureed tomatoes,an onion cut finely,2 cloves of garlic,green chillies,turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and pepper.Now you let it boil...till all the water nearly dries off.then you add oil and keep stirring to avoid it going all too dark and burnt.When the oil starts to separate out,add again 2 cups of water or more,let it simmer,add chopped coriander leaves to garnish on top.

Im not being exact here about how much and all coz I'll tell that only if someone is really interested.But to someone who is good at cooking will get my drift :>,I mean will understand the quantities they want to add.The whole thing takes around 45 mins with a pressure cooker.Use basmati rice.

Wish me luck darlings coz Im off to cook.

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