Apr 22, 2010

Colors and Sounds !

Living in the gulf doesnt leave you with much options for seeing all the colors earth has to offer.You see browns,blacks,whites,greenish browns and I guess I have almost covered the main colors I have in my environment.

Back in India,I used to be filled with wonder with how some trees,flowers and skies were.Come rainy season and you could spot tortoises in wells,frogs in puddles,dew on every leaf blade and flower,crows on trees.You could hear the cock go cockle doodle do in the morning,you could hear my neighbours ringing their prayers bells and praying,I could see the break of sunlight in the sky and then I knew very soon it would be filled with bus honks,rickshaw honks,car honks and cycle bells.

I walked towards my bus stop and I would see yellow ,orange,pink,red and white flowers.You would see plants in every shade of green.You would see leaves falling down because of the light breeze blowing softly on it.You could hear the waves crashing into the Tanirbhavi beach from the rooftop of my building and I would always imagine white froth like waves ,huge and majestic.They tower over you (figuratively) and then when they crash the ground,I always wondered if it would feel like a 600 pound rhino smashing into you.

Here in the gulf,Its all concrete and sand.I long to see vivid colours.Maybe thats why I love bright colored stuff.I love pinks,reds,greens,magenta,purple and yellows and blues.I feel lucky when I hear birds chirping on a nearby rooftop or balcony or AC covers.I wait for weekends ( and it has been a while) to go to the beach and dig my feet deep into the wet sand.When I go to supermarkets ,I pick up fruits and vegetables and take a whiff of them.

I like to touch tree barks and feel the roughness of it.They are corky and tough but look closely and there's an elegance about it as well.

So much for being mushy,But I do miss those scents,Sounds and colours of life past.

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