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Massaging my thoughts...

After we had our dinner today and when everything was washed and tidied up,I asked my hubby to brush my head with his hand.OOOOh it felt so good !

I have never been massaged and one thing among thousands in my wishlist is to go to a spa and be pampered for a day with all sorts of wraps and mud packs.I want to be attended to for a change,have someone rub my feet while listening to soft Kenny G. numbers.

Every once in a while I would snuggle into my mom's lap as a kid and she would lovingly stroke my head and hair and I felt great.Her smell still lingers in my mind,I call it mommy smell.

I used to take hot baths before but then quit them totally after some time.I would add some rose essence or some bubbles or a lil honey or a glass of milk.I read a magazine or sometimes listened to soft music and lit scented candles.

Now I wake up and Im cleaning,washing,doing laundry every other day,cooking almost everyday,showering,feeding,washing up again,tutions,eating and washing up again...a lil hindi drama,eating and washing up again...

A good bath requires you giving at least 35 mins or so and then you shouldnt have to do anything after that.The last thing you wanna do is smell like a rose petal and go out to throw trash,clean a chicken or wash utensils after utensils,cut onions and what not.So that was the end of english baths.:>

I had been to my friends place and she has an adorable boy whos 10 months old and I kiss him and snuggle him and throw him up in the air and wiggle his toes and fingers and do what not...All the while thinking lucky chap ! Wish someone would do the same to me.
But that would mean my husband breaking his back at a 100 different places and I doing the babying all ovver again.hehehe....


  1. mommy smell! nice.
    loved the below lines. very funny and so true too:
    The last thing you wanna do is smell like a rose petal and go out to throw trash,clean a chicken or wash utensils after utensils,cut onions

  2. I miss bathtubs! Everything is shower, shower, shower these days!


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