Apr 19, 2010

Life as of a few minutes ago!

Being childless has its perks but has its negativities as well.Perks being I get to sleep and rest and do what and when I want without being bothered sometimes.But then I miss being responsible for a life.Hehehehhe...its my way of coping with certain drawbacks.I make fun of myself and situation to make it feel or sound better.No point in showing your wounds.People cannot be bothered in this time and age.I anyways dont like pity.I finally started tutions today and it was indeed a great relief.

So One of the kids studies in an indian school.The poor chap had to learn so many new names and what not.I felt bad for the 8 yr old.What are the mountain ranges? Peaks,hills stations...Himadri,nanga parbat,dalhousie...I try making it easy for him.Like when he couldnt get Nainital..I told him remember it as nani ka tal....

What are slow rivers of moving ice called? Glaciers...first he said garlic...then glassers...then i was like glaa- c -ers.

Then we went on to English...he was reading the word bouquet and he says..book - ket...I told dont say ket say kay..and he goes aunty T is silent?

 Poor thing...the english language can be so complicated for a kid who is figuring out pronunciations according to spellings.

Though my BP does skyrocket every now and then...it would have been great to have 2 naughty lil mini mes.
My mother use to say all the time...sandra and nelson were actual devils as kids.I have no idea how I managed them? Someday when Im in the mood I will write down some of my childhood stories and you will see a "dennis a menace " in me ! My husband does say I still have that streak in me.

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  1. Life is full of surprises,yet incomplete.Always making us wonder and wish . We are in a constant effort to be and feel content.So, this is what I repeat to myself "one day at a time"!!

    Keep writing, love to read more from you!!


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