Apr 29, 2010

Husband tantrums....

My hubby had a long day at work.He came home ,ate,spoke very little and when he was done with his browsing for some drowning car being pulled out by another car which is his favourite,he lost that very last drop of energy that allowed him to even wink at me when I smile at him.

Oh yeah,he couldnt get that site online,he couldnt find his fav car,he couldnt muster that wink of his and finally asked me to prep his bed for him.Prep as in fluffin' and keeping his pillows right,adjusting the fan stand ,opening his bed sheets and then running my fingers through his hair( it started as a romantic gesture back in 2002 but now he just cant sleep otherwise) till he falls asleep.

He was drowsy one moment and the next he tells,"I just lost my sleep".

Usually when this happens,he gets up,walks around the house,talks gibberish and this frustates me coz I dont know what to do.If i ignore,I feel guilty that I cant help him and so I try to ease him and all.Its like taking care of a small baby.;>

As soon as this thought passed,my hubby fell asleep and started snoring.

It was such a relief to hear him snore like that.The way people act when they get tired.When Im tired and want to fall asleep but still cant,I rub my eyes every 2 secs,I cuddle upto my husband,fall asleep on his shoulder( i just wont lie down on the bed ,I have to bug him out)and then open my eyes next moment.I too act like a toddler when i want to ,but cant fall asleep.Its a sad thing for a 30+ yr olds :/ but Im what Im.

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