Apr 10, 2010


Recently,A friend called me up to apologise in her own special way for doing something she shouldnt have.Special in the sense where you make tons of excuses for the way you acted but wont say the word sorry.In the name of apology,she said many other excusable things and Now im pissed of.I have learnt a few things in my life one being not take anyone for granted.When somone does something good for you even once,I tend to return the favour one way or the other.I dont like taking "ehsaan" from anyone.And in friendship,sometimes you overlook someones bad points .But when Im taken for granted in return and offended on top of it...its like smacking a wild mad man and standing there laughing at him.Im pissed of at the moment but I'll have to get my bearings together and there will follow a tit for tat.Thats gonna be so much fun...I like the look I give people when I stump them.

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