May 30, 2010

Dont oversleep ever!

Jaan came back from work yesterday and we decided to go to the fish market where we bought crabs and fish eggs and then went into a supermarket and shopped and ate outside and came home and slept.It was around 3:15am and I decided not to watch the rest of Ace Ventura - When nature calls,so as to not to destruct my sleep cycle.

I sleep for 7 hours but for some reason jaan made some noise in the morning when going to work and I couldnt sleep after that.I had around 4nhalf hours of sleep.Didnt matter,got up and had breakfast and did all my usual house work.

Then come tution time,it was time to read Kuwait social studies lesson.Oh my Gosh! It was so damn boring that I thought I would fall asleep right in the middle of listening him read it.As soon as he left,I lay down on my bed and didnt even realise I had slept for 2nhalf hours.Jaan never lets me sleep coz I usually get into this annoying episodes if I happen to sleep in the middle of the day.Do you know I havent slept a single day during the day in my life! I mean I can count on my fingers how many times I have slept in the past 32 years.My mom told me that I was never the kind of child who slept during the day.

Anyho,I got up and was in a state of shock.I had and still have a terrible headache.I feel like crying,I have 2 cups of black tea 15 minutes of each other and am on my way to make another one.Things are tasting funny,nothing seems interesting and I want to rip someone's heart out.Since Jaan is working very late,Im controlling my tears and trying to cheer myself up.

You know as people get older they tend to stick to a certain routine coz it keeps them at peace and in control of themselves.For me its avoiding nap.I sleep at 3am and get up at 10am sharp without alarm clocks.If I have a doctors appointment early in the morning,again I dont need an alarm clock most of the time.I tell myself I have to be up by 8am before sleeping and then Im up.dont ask me how I do it,but I just know.

Coming to think of it,I actually made up for the sleep I missed in the morning but slept half an hour more thats why all the groggy mood.History can have that effect on anyone.Even back in the school day,my fear was how to keep awake while studying for the history paper.I fell asleep very often and ended up slapping myself,splashing water on my face with eyes open,pinching myself.

My sinuses hurt and my nose feels blocked,Oh boy!...

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