May 19, 2010

Im was wet !

I just didn't know what to cook anymore yesterday,so I told my hubby I would make him healthy sandwiches for lunch and cook something for dinner.Our a/c hasn't been cooling as such and when you live in a tiny apartment in these hot summers,you literally tend to feel cooked if you have to do chores as well.

The repairmen didn't show up at all,I waited for them the whole day.We had sandwiches,my hubby left for work,I took a shower coz I was feeling all sticky and then the kids dropped by.Once that was over,I had tea and decided to buy some fresh chicken and cook dinner.

In the middle of all that chopping,grinding,peeling onions and garlic,cleaning the chicken,stirring the pot and adding masalas,I could feel my body drowning in my own sweat.I kept a table fan nearby but it wasn't giving any relief.I was so pissed off at that time.I wanted to bang the fan against the wall,I wanted to beat someone black and blue.My hair soaked,then my undies,then my clothes,The sweat was pouring into my eyes.I was getting all crazy...I wanted to kick my hubby when he returned for not listening to me and buying a damn a/c unit long back.

Then my hubby comes home.He's all tired but he was expecting to see me all cheerful.Instead he sees this melting pot of body fluids and piss offs.The first thing he did as usual was hug me and then he expressed his condolence.Being a bhartiya nari,I melted at this very thought and all was OK.I completed my chicken with cauliflower curry,flavoured rice in a jiffy and went to take my shower.But now I'm like,maybe he knows the secrets of the trade....hehehhehhe....I think men eventually know ,just the way we know,how to click the right buttons.This way,all's well in hell.;>

i don't remember if back in my college days or in India,I excreted so much moisture from my body.I do remember the month of may every,just before the monsoons began.My brother,sister and I never left our apartment.we sat in our underwear right under the fan with cotton cloths,lay down on the tiled floors and stayed indoors till late evenings.There could be no shame,so we wore baniyaans and short shorts and lay there like piglets praying for the monsoons to arrive.we showered twice or thrice a day.We drank tender coconut,bought our stock of Nycil powder for heat rashes,drank tons of thumbs up or pepsi or buttermilk,or whatever cold we could find our hands on.There was one complex back then...Saibeen complex,and my sister and I would roam around wearing bermuda shorts and tshirts and toilet slippers,sandals.We could care less for our appearance coz if we wanted to go out,no way we were wearing all those clothes in such hot weather.

I have given my hubby an ultimatum that by the end of this month ,I want a split unit.The temperatures are just going to continue soaring.And with ramadan just a few months away,i don't want to take a chance.I love sweating,its not all bad.My skin gets great,my pores get clean but I don't take heat very well.After a while,it makes me bitchier.

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