May 14, 2010


I finally got the ratio of milk to rice for my rice pudding.Made a less sweet version of it and decided to eat that for lunch.Now my teeth feel all sweet.Not used to eating sweets that much anymore,so I know when Im high on sugar or fats.After eating KFC,which is rarely (once or twice a year) I usually can feel my cholesterol rising.I can feel grease line my insides but I love fried chicken and little binge once in a while hopefully doesnt cause all that harm.

Today I have promised my husband to make pakodas for him namely brinjal and cauliflower pakodas.Just adding the masalas and coating them with gram flour and deep frying them.I thought he too needs a break from all thats healthy and wise and makes everything look nice.

He's at work today too so Im all alone and dont know what to do.Im dreaming of how Im gonna go in a radical change of hair color and streaks,Im thinking of buying something real nice for myself with my tution money at the end of this month.How my husband requires total replacement of formal wear!

Thats why Im writing this blog,in a way talking to myself and not talking either.Seriously ,are all women like this...when they have nothing to do..what do they think ! My girlfriends live far away from my place and transportation is a must.I dont trust taxis or private rental transports at all not with all the crap you get to hear in the news.They say they have introduced pink taxis here but I havent seen one at all,for that matter not even female police.Oh pink taxis are for women driven by women.

How will I look with blonde streaked hair..I had streaked them once and was complimented by many friends.But this time Im planning to go and change my whole hair color and then have mutiple streaks shades mixed in.I love experimentation but in a very subtle ways,I dont go in for sudden overwhelming changes.The last time I tried a new hair color,the color was so light that my scalp and hair seemed to completely blend in.It was embarrasing and for a month I couldnt change my hair color.Too many chemicals thingy ! I covered my hair with a scarf and tied my hair up whenever I wasnt.I waited for a month and half and changed it to black after that.

I will be meeting my inlaws again sometime this year.And like most of them,they wont be happy to see me but they still look for impressions when they're in the mood.So I got to look pretty,classy,step up in the cooking arena and talk all boring to please their wonderful ears.

And my hair looks so great today,its sitting all perfect on my shoulders,its all soft and the ends have curled in just right.You know why ! Coz I have no where to go.The day when I have to be ready to go out or at a party,my hair will look limp,have no shine,my makeup will be running when Im a bit hot and I will have forgotten to wear some perfect accessory that I had planned for the occassion.Life is cruel at times and we have to deal with it,hehheheheh !

I think I need to have tea and recharge my battery.I need to get that sweet taste out of my mouth.

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  1. I do enjoy your blog!

    And yes, I've got crazy hair too - on the weekends it is perfect - and on weekdays when I have to go out it stands straight up in electric frizzes.

    Pakodas sound good.

    Do you keep changing your blog theme? Just asking because each time I come in it's a different colour/style. Or have you got it on random?

    (That's my curiosity)


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