May 18, 2010

A Memory

I had finished drinking my usual 4pm tea with rusk.I kept the glass in the sink and decided to go out for a stroll.As I walked towards the beach on this narrow raised pathway,I looked up.There were coconut trees everywhere,all of them as tall as a 4 storey building.As the leaves danced along with the salty breeze,I kept wondering how lucky I was to be able to enjoy these dancing trees,this lightly flavoured breeze,the coolness of the sand and mud beneath my feet,the way the breeze brushed against my skin.The Sun was going to set within the hour and like all other days I had to see this unique sunset amidst white fluffy clouds.The rays sometimes just burst through the cracks or tears of the cloud and it would be like God was playing peek a boo with me.

As I reach the shore,I see the river so smooth and getting ready to rest.She was hot the whole day and tired beacuse children played with her,women washed clothes in her,men were fishing in her,boats were being rowed over her,She was tired and was getting to ready to rest.As the sun would shine over her...she looked like a running river of gold.The area by the beach was like a mini grassland.I sat at the edge of it and waited for the sun to say Good night to me.I looked at the flock of birds flying across the sky ready to head back home.

I would lie down by the beach til it went pretty dark.I liked the way the grass felt,it was the cosiest mat ever.She smelled so good.I always try to picture paradise in my mind.Everytime I would read the word paradise,I would think to myself,if mother nature is so beautiful right here,imagine the beauty of the paradise we have been promised someday by God.

We got to go home thrice a year and back then it was my grandma's place in Mangalore.Having lived in a desert all my life and am still, I considered such opportunities a privilege and sheer luck.When I visit any such place,I imbibe every bit I can in my mind,so that whenever I need the time to relax,I know that place I can goto in my mind and its like its all around me.

Our central A/C just got fixed and my room is feeling cooler than before and I just remembered my granma's home.I wish I could put up a pic but I didnt have access to any camera back then,so its all there in my head.I have things to do now...better go.....Hope everyone had a good day!

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  1. so true no cameras then...our best memories are in our heads

    like the way you wrote of the river & d grass as women referring to dem as 'she'


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