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few khyals before cooking lunch !

The week has already started and its going to be a long one.The kids have started their first unit exams and there so much to study and so little time.I actually pity the kids though I did the same thing back then.The thing I dont remember doing it.I never took tutions in my life for anything and kids today begin their day with school,end it with tutions and hardly get a breather.Are kids gettting dumb or were we too smart back then.:>

I will be on my way to cook sheep liver and heart.We cook it very rarely but its tastes great.I have egg whites all over my face,its dried now.They say its good for the skin,sort of like a nutritional pack for the skin.

Im just waiitng for this month to end,it will be a great relief not having to meet deadlines with these kids.One of them has to learn about northern mountain areas in areas in India.There are so many names an spellings to make him learn.He just received the notes 2 days back,then theres K.S.S. ,which I have not been able to cover since there are so many thigns to study and so little time.The other has been blindly lying about tests in class and what not.Im going to break his legs today.Its a shame that these boys still dont understand the fact that they have to study come what may.They dont bother about their homeworks ,everything has to be spoon fed,every little detail has to be explained.Im supposed to guess if they got it or not ,or they will stare into blank space like lifeless dolls.

I remember being beaten by my dad.He used the kettle wire and his leather belt.If I messed up with my tests or exams,he would beat us and those swollen arms and legs would be constant reminders that there is no escape.But how do you teach kids who are pampered like kings at home.Who rule the roost at their homes.

My parents always reminded us that they were doing all for us and in return we had to give them what they wanted.With each and every gift,we got a lecture as to how thye had to obtain it and how we should care for things.We worked for many of the things we got back then.It had to be good grades or some good thing we did.It wasnt like we demanded and we recieved.We had to show our worth for it.In a way,its good habit,parents should instill certain lessons in their children gradually with age.They should be taught taht one has to be worth it to ask for something.I want an Xbox,you make your kid earn it.Tell him he has to behave good,he shouldnt talk back,he should be at his best behaviour at home,he should get good grades in exam.

Dont tell your kid or in front of them ,That you cant tell no to them,they are your weakness,they are ready to overlook or they overlook many things coz we love you too much.Kids are very perceptive about things like these and they know just the right buttons to push.A 2 yr old kid knows that if I scream at the top of my lungs ,my mom will come running to me and do whatever pleases him at that moment.So wont a 5 or 10 or 15 yr old know?

I see many parents excuse a lot of ill behaviour in the name of pampering and love.I was a naughty,handful child myself but then when repsonsibilities came upon me,I didnt shriek or run away.I took care of my responsibilities well and Im proud.I have never been a selfish child.I may have shown stinginess when it came to sharing chocolates but other than that I dont think I have been self serving.

Every parent has their own way of raising their child,and though I judge within the four walls of my house,i dont say that much.Many of the parents I know finally one day give up and say,I should have dont this and that back then I was too lenient.hehheheh....

I hate it when a 6yr old is too fashion conscience.Wants to wear makeup like grown ups ,wear clothes like grownups and act like them.I always wonder what do these parents think when they let their young children dress up like adults.Children should be allowed to look like they're children.But a 7 yr old now has to audacity to tell her mom that she is not doing her shopping right,demands for heels,demands for lipgloss.Its a sad thing really. and then we complain about pedophiles on the rampant in the streets.

I have to go,or else I will upset my schedule and end up being tired.Hav eto be on the constant run and be active.bye !


  1. > then theres K.S.S. ,which I have not been able to cover since there are so many thigns to study and so little time.The other has been blindly lying about tests in class a

    Didn't understand that. What's KSS? Who's been lying? Forgive me it's been a long day :D

  2. K.S.S. :kuwait social studies,The kid I tutor lied about a math test..its okay...


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