May 1, 2010


I finally got a chance yesterday to catch up with my girlfriends.It was fun.We ate,sat together and talked.The kids were so excited coz they knew that a get together like this meant going out.The men knew that this meant they would be losing a couple of greenery from their pocket.

We went out shopping.Nothing fancy ,we bought some accessories and then I bought something to go with my jeans.But its not just the stuff part..its actually the endless giggling ,whispering into one another's ears,discussing if some was worth buying or not,whether it will look good or not,endless yelling at kids to not stray away from us,the looks our husbands give when we buy something wondering whether she will really wear this or just throw it away into her cupboard,etc.

My hubby rarely accompanies me when I shop even though among all my girlfriends Im the one who takes the least time to shop for something.I know what I want and I go to buy just that.I shock my husband when Im done shopping in half an hour.I actually take longer in the supermarket coz Im always reading labels,ingredients,directions,etc.I like to explore new stuff on the shelves.I may go into a biscuits aisle and will be there for more than 20 mins coz I pick out my fav choco biscuits and then I wonder if I will be able to overcome my urge of eating them off whenever I lay my eyes on them.So should I buy them or forget it? Its not the pounds I care for,I never have at any point in my life! I may bicker over it but never consider losing it.But now Im prone to diabetes so have to be very careful.

But every outing with friends isnt that great.Sometimes,you're tired or too bored to cheer yourself up even.If you regularly go out,you tend to get bored easily...coz you just dont know how to entertain yourself having been to every possible place.So Im happy about yesterday coz I had tons of fun.Thanks to God for such blessings.

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