May 6, 2010

Day out yesterday!

Many people dont seem to have the time to stop.Everyone is running around to catch upto something.And if you're a working man,well,its a race from morning till night,meeting deadlines,coming home to kids and families,fulfilling office needs and home needs.

I have always loved looking at people.It may seem odd but actually you get to learn so much.You dont become an observant person sitting on your ass.You need to work on it.My favourite subjects are children.They are so uninhibited and not so aware.So they behave the way they always do.No pretentions there.

After that,its teenagers.Teenagers are too into themselves to be aware of their surroundings.Its their outfits and boys that they worry. and vice versa.
Moms make an interesting subjects too especially if they are with kids,babies and toddlers.

Then come men and women.If they are working they seem different and if they are free from all shackles,they are different.But they are boring to me coz studying them requires lots of effort and one cannot do that coz you dont want to be staring.Plus my husband would go mad,if some guy were smiling back at me.

But that doesnt stop me,its a hobby of mine.

Yesterday I had been out shopping.I just browsed through the store,bought few hair clips,got bored and came out and sat by the steps at the entrance for an hour.My husband was running late and so I just sat there looking at kids with their moms.

Most of the moms who stopped by with their kids,dressed up so well with makeup on and looked so hip.Their kids were drssed up so well.They had the cutest outfits and their bottoms looked so round and cute with those diapers.Kids tend to walk like ducks with diapers on and I find that damn cute.

There are these big automated machines playtoys for kids inside the store into which you insert coins and they play for a whole 10 minutes,and the kids seemed so excited as they arrived.they ran up the stairs,shouting at their moms to be quick.The moms were yelling not to run around,they kept running behind them to catch up with them,they see ice cream trucks and then its 10 minutes of wailing loudly to get one.Then there were these 2 kids who wanted to pee and couldnt control themselves.2yr old boys...hehehhehe..they started unzipping their pants..Their moms screaming dont you dare all the while and then they running after them to catch hold of them to take them to the loo and they discovered the store didnt have one.The moms rushed out,one made her 2 yr old pee by the car at the end of the parking lot and the other boy surprisingly after being given one chocolate forgot that he  had to pee even.

There was this almost 2 yr old whose hand was held by his mom.They were standing at the top of these stairs at the store entrance.Thank God for her holding his hand tight coz out of nowhere he lunged forward and hung horizontal to the ground.If she hadnt held him tight,he would have broken his face on those stairs.His mom started scolding him and all the time he was laughing so cutely as if he had done something great.

The strange thing was,the moms didnt look startled.They were calm and collected and I guess when you have 2 kids or more,it pretty natural to have seen all weirdness in kids.They were not overcome with exhaustion or helplessness.Most of the women knew each other and they seemed so glad to run into each other.They giggled,discussed what they shopped,talked about their homes and kids and then parted ways with a smile.

I saw teenage boys,laughing loudly and walking around like they were stars.They had these spiky hairdos and with every girl passing by,their volumes would rise and they would laugh amongst themselves.

I was last a teenager - 14 years ago.Now Im an middle aged woman.hehehehhhe.....But I wear myself proud,I have learnt a whole lot and wear my wisdom well I think.I dont act like a 20 yr old...I act my age but I keep my heart and thoughts young.When you sit among teens,you tend to feel old and you think of them as stupid.Click the right buttons and you can have an interesting conversation with them which will give you an insight as to how teens and their life and their challenges are nowadays.

Now we'll talk about Sharing experinces,sharing your observations is an experience too right !

Newly married couples are a no no..they tend to be frightened at the slightest lecture on married life.They either roll their eyes  because they usually feel that this or that will never happen to them.Its all gonna be rosy.Talk to them 2 years later and they will say,"You were telling the truth,it took me a while to realise."

Many people dont listen to others experiences,they think of it as useless lectures.They will still go ahead and do it and after sometime when alls simmered down,they will say you had told me so but I didnt listen,If I only had.I have learnt not share my pearls of wisdom freely anymore.People dont respect that.My policy now is if someone asks for it,tell them once .

Iam not a risk taker as such but when I firmly believe in something,I go ahead and do it anyways.

Thats from me...i have so much to do and warming my butt in front of the PC will not do my chores.

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