May 20, 2010

useless blog entry - 1

My first tamil film was the movie "KADALAN".Prabhu deva and Nagma starrer love story.I loved the songs,the dances,love scenes,etc.I had never fallen in love upto that moment.I was young, 17 years old and that movie was like the ideal storyline of my would be love life.I had been to that movie in some Udupi theatre with a girlfriend and some friends.

Suddenly Im feeling sleepy.My back hurts.Took a cold shower and sat right in front of the fan,now my body is aching.

Please someone sponsor me a spa treatment for the weekend.Wrap me in some hot seed weed crap,let me sit inside a mud pool,let someone massage me to sleep,etc.I wonder how it will go? Im so ticklish,you place one finger on my arm and i start rolling around laughing uncontrollably.

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