May 29, 2010

Weekend gayi bhadd mein....

I look forward to weekends the whole week and what happens! My hubby goes to work . I wanted to shoot him right between the eyes but who's gonna spoil me rot if he went Poof!

Yesterday,like the many other days,it was too hot to leave the house in the afternoon.We finally left in the evening to the shopping center and must tell you.Never take your husband shopping with you.It was a nightmare.I lovvve doing window shopping at my own pace and then I pop into stores and rummage through stuff and finally may happen to buy something.

Now now....I don't shop for hours on end unless I'm so happy.I'm thrifty by nature so I look at stuff really well for quality and buy.I'm not one of those people who looks at a label and buys it just because its branded.A smart person knows otherwise.Anyways,labels are for those who have too much cash and esteem problems.You can look in a pair of 10 dollar jeans or 100 dollar jeans.As long as they are good quality and you feel good in them.You make the clothes you wear,not always the other way round.Whats the saying......"WALK IT LIKE YOU OWN IT!"

Yeah,my hubby bought pants and pyjamas and within 20 minutes,we were out.The continuous menacing question, what now? what now ? and There my mood was off.I was like lets just go.We decided we will eat masala dosa and then his immediate response goes...really! I feel a tummy ache. Then that too goes  Poof...Then I grew desperate and stubborn and in an outburst I told him ,"I don't care,take me to a least let me browse through vegetables and eatables.You can use the bathroom there while I'm bz." You must be wondering what the heck ! But yes girls I'm pathetic.....I just wanted to get my 30 minute exercise through the aisles be it a clothing store or a cornflakes market.

What happens,we are stuck in traffic for 40 minutes and Im so pissed off,That I start yelling," I hate you! I hate you!"And he is laughing his ass of replying," Why...I didnt cause the Jam?" and int he end Im like...I want to go home...Take me home....

Finally,he brings me back,I throw myself on the bed and start sulking.He tries to bring a crack of a crappy smile on my face by saying tomorrow we'll go here and there and come tomorrow,he's gone to work.I hate him.I hate him.........

You know sometimes I think,This is why people have kids.It gives you a direction...something to worry about...something to can never be idle when you have a child.So everyday is more busy and something to look forward to.They fill a void which is sometimes there with life getting mundane in time.If you have nothing to least your child needs something....Strange and Lucky! ( for some)

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