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Experiences !

We learn some of the best lessons in life in sometimes horrible ways.I dont remember any of it being funny at the time.I usually remember having a feeling of great regret and I guess when you have this feeling overcome your senses you know an experience has been born.

We try never to commit a mistake like that again.Sometimes we think of doing something and someone interjects you not to do it,you tend to think real hard.But then you soemtimes end up doing it thinking it doesnt have to be the same ending for everyone.

I have done my share of major mistakes which Im not proud of but have learnt to put it behind me.But with age I have learnt to judge situations beforehand,before i get them dirty.:> Sometimes Its a good call but sometimes with other people interfering it doesnt work out.

I remember I had been to a bachelorette party with a couple of girlfriends once.I didnt know what tequilla was back then and my girlfriend and I ended up having 4 straight shots and surprise...we passed out in seconds,missed the entire party and had to be literally carried home by the bride's strong brothers and dropped at the doorstep.I got up the following morning with a major headache called hangover and had to hear lectures for days on end from my brother 5 years my junior.
So what did I learn,that sometimes alcohol and me dont mix well.Especially if in unknown company.I still dont know what a bachelorette party is ! hehehheh!

So this is the most embarrasing funny experience for me.There are painful ones as well but no,cannot open up old wounds and discuss about it.


  1. 4 shots of tequilla! sounds like a mistake many wud still like to make!
    that's one fo the thigns i want to try before i die. hav heard so much abt tequilla!


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