May 26, 2010

wannabe poet...

My heart shuddered the first time,
I went breathless for a second,
My skin tingled at the very touch,
My lips trembled,
And my feet didn't feel the ground underneath!
My mind went undecided..
Was it or was it not !
I wouldn't look up
The pounding of my heart so intense
Made me blush..
Every breeze against my body felt
like a warm caress on a cold night,
I could hear angels on their harp
And all the world was greener and cheery
It was like sorrow would befall no more
and then I knew something had changed;
The world would not be the same anymore
Yes ! I had fallen in love..
and it was the best beginning
of a wonderful chapter of my life.

1 comment:

  1. good u r giving titles for ur posts now. easier to read & remember what we read last. earlier it used to be a maze of dates!
    btw, nice poem


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